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23rd-Jun-2023 11:23 pm - WELCOME TO MHY JOURNAL
Ryo 4



This Journal is OPEN to Everybody...
Demo there are some fics that are only for myself... so gomen... more like the story is i am the girl in that fic... *bricked*
I really hope you guys will enjoy the fics I write, even though they are yaoi, maybe there will be some yuri and a lot of hets too...
I am sometimes slow in writing my multi-chaps... but I assure you guys that they will be finished and not abandoned...  i'm such a lazy ass sometimes... specially the lack of inspiration gets me caught up... but none-the-less... i still do it...
oh.. if my assumptions are correct, i am much older to a lot of writers and readers here... though i am still young at heart... lolz
i love writing and reading... i sometimes forget to comment, but when i get back i write it with all honesty...  so i hope you won't get confused...hahaha
if i don't reply to your comments asap, it's becoz i am in a trance of thinking about my fics... hahaha... i tend to space out like that... and also becoz of my adoring kids...
their young cute and most of all they also love the groups KAT-TUN, NewS and Kanjani8, and the flying solo IKUTA TOMA like their mom...
*sshh...my eldest loves jin and my youngest loves kame*

 AND PLEASE>>> if you don't like my pairings... don't bash them...  'coz I love them...  Like the way I respect your own OTP's... 

-Bulacan, Philippines- 


23rd-Jun-2023 11:23 pm - FICLISTS
Ryo 4


PERSONAL FIC... gomen it's private.....
Who is it really? (junnoXOC, yuiXOC)
chapter 1 / chapter 2 / chapter 3     ***on going
ONE SHOT - JIN X OC   ***on going

chapter 1 / chapter 2 / chapter 3 / chapter 4 / chapter 5 / chapter 6 / chapter 7 / chapter 8 /chapter 9 / chapter 10 / chapter 11 / chapter 12 / chapter 13 / chapter 14 / chapter 15




LOVE LOST, LOVE RENEWED - JinNo/KeiiShikido (pg)



LOVE TRIANGLE - JinNo (nc-17)
I LOVE YOU, GOOD BYE... - JinNo (pg)
REFLECTION - JinNo (pg) *** Sequel to 'I Love You, Good Bye'

MY SECRET LOVE - JinNo (nc-17)
JINNO - JinNo (pg-13)
ME AND JIN - JinNo (pg-13)
THANK YOU - JinNo (pg)
JINNO ON VACATION - JinNo (nc-17) for jesmutmem2010
THE JUNNO EFFECT - JinNo (nc-17)

THE BEACH - TaNaka (pg)
KOKI JR - TaNaka (het, nc-17)
SOMEONE LIKE YOU - TaNaka (het, nc-17)

LONELINESS - TaNaka (pg)
HEART - TaNaka (pg)
MY BEST FRIEND...'I LOVE YOU' - TaNaka (nc-17)

THEIR STORY - RyoNo (pg)

JIN AND MAIK - JIN x OC (nc-17 or hint of rape, het)

WHO THE HELL IS RAPING ME? (IS IT?) - KoyaPi (nc-17)

STARE - KeiiShikido (het, g)
- KeiiShikido (pg)

BE MY BABY - KoyaMaru (nc-17)

KIMI NI TODO KE - YutoChii (pg-15)


ALL THIS TIME - JinNo (nc-17)
“It’s still him in your heart after all…”] - first shot
“All this time, I was too stupid to admit that it was you and only you that I needed to be happy.  You are my Special Happiness”] - second shot


prologue / chapter 1 / chapter 2 / chapter 3 / chapter 4 / chapter 5 / chapter 6 / chapter 7 / chapter 8 / chapter 9 (nc-17) / chapter 10 / chapter 11 / chapter 12 / chapter 13 / chapter 14 / chapter 15 / chapter 16 / chapter 17 / chapter 18 / chapter 19 / chapter 20

OF MAGIC SPELLS AND MISUNDERSTANDINGS - KoyaPi, NishiKato with side pairing JinNo (pg-13) ***FINISHED

chapter 1 / chapter 2 / chapter 3 / ending 1 / ending 2 / epilogue

YOU WERE ALWAYS BY MY SIDE - KeiiShikido, MaruDa, JinNo (pg-13 to nc-17) ***FINISHED
chapter 1 / chapter 2 / chapter 3 / chapter 4 / chapter 5 / chapter 6 / chapter 7 / chapter 8 / chapter 9 /
chapter 10 / chapter 11
/ chapter 12 / chapter 13 / chapter 14 / chapter 15 / chapter 16 / chapter 17 / chapter 18 / chapter 19 / chapter 20 / chapter 21 / chapter 22/ chapter 23 part 1 / chapter 23 part 2 /chapter 24 part 1 / chapter 24 part 2 / chapter 25 / chapter 26 / chapter 27 / chapter 28 / chapter 29 / chapter 30 / chapter 31 / chapter 32 / chapter 33 / epilogue


one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / ???

How I ended up with JE Boyz

Akanishi Jin
Ikuta Toma
Nakamaru Yuichi
Ueda Tatsuya
Taguchi Junnosuke
Nishikido Ryo
Koyama Keiichiro
Kanjani8 1st Batch
Kanjani8 2nd Batch
Tadayoshi Ohkura

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Ryo 4


They were currently walking home from school. Their whole gang are together for the band practice was over and it’s a Friday.

They were all chatting of what they will be doing on the day of the festivities at their university before the band performs, when Yuri suddenly stopped on her tracks making the guy who’s been carrying her bag with a hand on her shoulder stop and the others sensing this stopped as well.

“Chii-chan?” Yuto asked with concern.

She took a deep breath and looked at them and then at Yuto’s questioning eyes. “I’ll be performing at the singing contest.”

Everybody was shocked.  “I’ll be confessing to the guy I like after my performance.”

“What?!” That was Yuto.

“Yeah….uhm… I decided that once I do this and I lost him, it’s okay rather than playing dumb or acting that he is not the one. I mean, they say on this festival, when you confess to the person you like, you may have long life happiness or something. And I want to try my luck.”

She looked down. “I have been carrying this for so many years now; I think it’s time for me to face my fear.”

“What if he doesn’t return your feelings?” Yuya asked looking at the dumbfounded Yuto looking at Yuri at the moment with open mouth.

“Then I guess I will know if I will lose a friend or not.”  She took her bag from Yuto and walked as fast as she could to go home.

No one dared to follow her at the moment.

At that moment… but when Yuto regained his senses…he ran after Yuri while their friends are hoping for the best.


Yuri made a dash back home. She is not crying but she knew when she said that, she is taking the biggest risk of her life as of the moment. And Yuto is a big part of her life that she is not sure what will happen if she is rejected by the drummer.

She went to her room and took deep breaths to calm her heart. She went to her bathroom and changed her clothes. She splashed water on her face and looked at herself in the mirror. She is staring at her reflection thinking very hard if her decision was indeed correct. She doesn’t know why she had to do that despite that, truth be told, when she said that she was saying it straight in the eyes of Yuto, wishing she has gone and confessed to him then and there. She sighed deeply and splashed her face with water to be able to clear her mind a little.

When she stepped into her room, she didn’t see that there was a person there on her bed following her every move with curious and hurt eyes.

She turned around and nearly fainted seeing the person. “Yuto!!! You nearly gave me a heart attack!” Holding her chest, her heart pounding a hundred times than normal rate.

The other stood up and walked towards her without saying anything. Staring at her eyes. Trying to read what’s on her mind. Trying to feel why he is hurting so much right now. Thinking why his heart nearly leaped out his chest after hearing that Yuri, his one and only sweet Yuri will be confessing to the guy he likes.

Yuri on the other hand kept her stare to the tall guy in front of her. Pink blush showing on her cheeks for the look Yuto is giving her is somehow not the ones she is used to. Something that is she is not expecting to be reflecting on his gorgeous brown orbs.

A drop, then another, and another, and another tear fell from his face, making Yuri panic why Yuto is now crying.


He sniffed and wiped his face with the sleeves of his school polo. “I’m sorry for you seeing me like this.” He said trying to smile while wiping his face at his pathetic situation. “I can’t stop it. I don’t understand why I am hurting so much.”

She cannot comprehend what he is saying. She took the towel that fell on the ground when she was surprised to see Yuto in her room. She dusted it off and wiped the handsome face she is very much in love with.

He didn’t move and let her dry his face. His eyes wondered to the picture table that Yuri had and never noticed the pictures at the back part of the table full of her family and friends’ photos. He stared at them. He had a good view from where he was standing. Definitely a shocker seeing them.

Yuri noticed that he was like staring into space. She waved in front of his face and shook him a little.

“Oh.. sorry I spaced out for a moment.”  He looked down shyly.

She shook her head and smiled a little. “Yutti…” she looked up to him.  “…why did you cry?”

He took a deep breath. “We’ll talk about it, but please, can I drink some water?”  Yuto asked.

“No problem, sit tight, I’ll be right back.” She dropped the towel on her mini couch at her room and walked out the door.

The moment he heard the door clicked closed, he stood up and walked towards that table he was staring at. He picked up one of the photos at the far back and stared at it. It was a picture of the two of them, him and Yuri inside the bus, which Yuya took. He remembered that it was taken from one of their school trip in middle school. He put it back and took another one. It was still the two of them on one of their middle school activities. He saw some more and they were from throughout high school. And some of them looked like they were cut from another picture.

He saw a low frame but it was long to fit the 3 pictures of him in there. And what is so surprising is that, he never remembers giving them to Yuri. Nor does he remember it being taken while he was smiling talking to some friends, while playing the drums and while he was looking at the window of one of their classrooms in high school.

He put the frame down and kept thinking why she has them and it is in the furthest part of the table where they cannot be noticed at all. He was sitting quietly when Yuri walked in on him.

“Yutti, here is your water.” Placing it in front of his face.

He was caught off guard but was able to bounce back and took the water and drank it. “Thank you.”  He suddenly stopped drinking and faced Yuri who was still standing in front of him. Something clicked in his mind.

He drank the rest of the water and place the glass down at the nearest table. He stood up and held her hands. “Yuri, I know what you are planning for your confession, but please, please I beg you. Don’t.”


“Just don’t please. Don’t do this. You don’t need to.”

“That’s not a reason you know.”

“I know, but will you trust me on this one?”

She shook her head and looked down. “I’m sorry Yuto, but I made up my mind. I need to do this for myself, for my heart.”

He hugged her. He buried his face on her hair and just thought… “Then I will make sure your confession will not happen.


The day of the festival came. The group walked around the university grounds looking at the booths and the games that where put up. They ate and laughed. The guys played some games and gave their prizes to the girls.

Since there are a lot of people, Yuto was extra protective of Yuri being hit by other people. He never removed his arms on her shoulders or holding her hands as if it was a very normal thing to do. This never escaped the eyes of their friends.

Late afternoon came and the singing contest is the first activity on stage for that day.

They were at the back of the stage giving Yuri courage. They know how shy she can be, but she wanted to do this. They all tried to talk to her out of it, but she didn’t listen to them, while Yuto never tried to stop her. And this made Yuri the more courage to do this. She already has a backup plan in case Yuto did reject her. And her dear cousin is the only one who knows about it. He was sworn not to tell, even his girlfriend.

The emcee called the contestants one by one, and then the last person was called and it was… “Please clap your hands for Chinen Yuri.”

Music started to play. Her friends ran in front of the stage to cheer her on. She stood on stage with a small smile and started to sing.

Douka ima dake wa furimukanai de (please don’t turn around right now)

Yuugure sawagu kaze (in this noisy wind in the twilight)

Furesou na kyori (where we’re close enough to touch)

Kimi wo mitsumeteru zutto (I’m always gazing at you)

Kimi ni todo ke (it’ll reach you)

Kimi ni todo ke (it’ll reach you)

Kanawanai koi demo ii (it’s ok my love is not returned)

Kizutsuite mo ii (it’s ok if I get hurt)

Nando demo tsutaetai (I just want to express over and over)

Kimi ga suki de (that I love you)

Kimi ga suki de (that I love you)

Nemuranai yoru demo ii (I’ts okay if I can’t sleep tonight)

Asa ga kunakute mo ii (it’s okay if morning never comes)

Nando demo tsutaetai (I just want to express over and over)

Kimi ni todo ke (it’ll reach you)

Yuto stood there with a straight face with hand crossed on his chest. No reaction. No emotion. Yuya looked at the lonely eyes of Yuri and saw that Yuto stood like statue. He shook his head and controlled himself from hitting his friend from being really so stupid and numb. It was a good thing that the song was kinda sad. The look on Yuri’s face is too much to bear.

Kyou omoide ga  (today I gain)

Hitotsu fueteku (another memory)

Tamaiki tameraisae (sighing even hesitating)

Itoshi kurai (become dear to me)

Kimi wo matteita zutto (I’ve always been waiting for you)

Kimi ni todo ke (it’ll reach you)

Kimi ni todo ke (it’ll reach you)

Kanawanai koi demo ii (it’s ok my love is not returned)

Kizutsuite mo ii (it’s ok if I get hurt)

Nando demo tsutaetai (I just want to express over and over)

Kimi ga suki de (that I love you)

Kimi ga suki de (that I love you)

Nemuranai yoru demo ii (It’s okay if I can’t sleep tonight)

Asa ga kunakute mo ii (it’s okay if morning never comes)

Nando demo tsutaetai (I just want to express over and over)

Kimi ni todo ke (it’ll reach you)

By the second part of the song, Yuto uncrossed his arms and walked out of the performance. Yuya saw this and was about to stop him but he was stopped by Ryutaro. He looked at this friend and wondered why. The younger one just shook his head and gave a warm smile. The other just followed Yuto with his eyes until he disappeared from his sight. He looked back to his friend and saw that there are tears starting to form in her eyes. He started to get worried.

Out of nowhere….

 YUTO and YURI singing at the same time….

ONLY YUTO singing….

Kimi ni todo ke (it’ll reach you)

Kimi ni todo ke (it’ll reach you)

Kanawanai koi demo ii (it’s ok my love is not returned)

Kizutsuite mo ii (it’s ok if I get hurt)

Nando demo tsutaetai (I just want to express over and over)

Kimi ga suki de (that I love you)

Kimi ga suki de (that I love you)

Yuri just stared at Yuto while singing next to her looking into her eyes so lovingly. She smiled then sang along with him.

Nemuranai yoru demo ii (I’ts okay if I can’t sleep tonight)

Asa ga kunakute mo ii (it’s okay if morning never comes)

Nando demo tsutaetai (I just want to express over and over)

Kimi ni todo ke (it’ll reach you)

After the song Yuto pulled Yuri off the stage and didn’t stop until they reached a certain place they are both familiar with. Yuri cannot understand what is actually going on with Yuto. Why he had to sing along with her on stage, then take her to their old playground. The other was not saying anything and just kept his back facing her.

She waited patiently for Yuto to tell her what exactly is going on.

He slowly turned around to face her and took a deep breath.  He smiled a shy smile and then said… “Still remember this place?” She just nodded.

He looked round. “This is the most special place for me. And I haven’t realized that it is. It just came to me after I came to your house the other day. And since then I had done a lot of thinking about a lot of things. And it also gave me a chance to recognize the feeling that has been bothering me for the last couple of weeks.”

Yuri stared at him. Literally speaking. She cannot utter any words to describe the feelings she has right now on the things that Yuto is saying to her.

He held her hands tightly and led her to the play grounds’ monkey bars.  They stood underneath and he continues with his story/reminiscing. Even though it is already dark the lighting in the play ground was bright.

“This is where I first met you when we were about seven years old.”  He smiled, she became confused. He never let go of her hand, this time squeezing it a little. “I knew you would never remember, but I did. And I thank my mom for it. I even asked your mom and said the same thing.”

“Yutti…” She pouted a little. “I’m now lost here. And how would that even happen when we met when we were in middle school.”

He laughed a hearty laugh. “Like I said, I only remembered because of mom and your mom.”  He hugged her. “I asked mom about something and the story led to another until we got to the part of her saying that she knew your mom for a long time. And that we met while playing under these monkey bars. Mom even showed me some pictures when we were small. I went to your mom and showed the picture and confirmed that it was indeed you. And she showed me a similar one as well. You are really cute back then.” He smiled remembering the pictures.

She was not shocked at the hug for they have been doing that between friends. And the two of them have been doing that a lot to comfort each other when one of them is feeling down. So she just returned the hug but with her own enthusiasm. “Really? We have those kinds of pictures?”

“Yep, I met you here and have been playing together for a few months before we had to move out. We moved back in this town when I went to middle school. I don’t know why we both didn’t remember those times and it was in this park. I thought that we just like to spend time here. I never knew we had a history here as well.”

“Really?! So that’s why mom warmed up to you real fast when I know that the only boy he trusted me to is Yuya.” She giggled a little.

He let go of her and looked at her giggling face with a hurt look.


“I already told you before, you can’t confess to Yuya anymore. He already has Daiki.” He said with irritation.

This time she laughed so hard after seeing the jealous face of Yuto. She felt hope in this. She is laughing so hard because until now he doesn’t know her relationship with Yuya. And second, because he sounds like a jealous suitor.

“Don’t laugh. There’s nothing funny about it!”

She tried to stop her laugh. She hugged him again and took a deep breath to help with her laugh. “I think you are the only one who doesn’t’ know that Yuya is my cousin.”


She snuggled on his chest. “Yup, ‘coz you are the only one who has been giving Yuya dagger stares.”  She let go again after remembering something. She looked up. “Yutti…”

“Hhmm?” he looked down to her while holding on her waist loosely.

“Why do you give Yuya dagger looks anyway?”

Yuto suddenly coughed. He turned red and walked a little. “Yeah…that’s the thing. There is a reason why we are here aside from telling you that we met here a long time ago.”


“Well…”  He scratches his nape in nervousness. “I don’t know what you will think but, you see….uhm…. I realized why I was so upset seeing Hikaru-senpai put his arms around you. I finally understood why I got suddenly afraid that you will be confessing to the guy you like.” He turned around.

Yuri is now looking at him with expectant eyes.

Yuto swallowed hard. “Well, I..i… I ahm… you know….” He cursed in his mind. He never thought that it will be this hard to confess when he practically knew her inside out.

Yuri took his hand and smiled. “You don’t need to do this. I know what you are trying to say. And it’s really cute that you are trying. I just hope that whatever you realized is not something due to male ego.”

“You know me right? I am not that kind of guy. Beside if that is the case, I would’ve waited for you to confess.”



“What do you mean wait for me to confess?”

“Chii…before anything else...”

Yuto walked towards the merry ground and picked up something on the other side of it. He walked back to Yuri with a big bouquet of white roses that is Yuri’s favourite with a nervous smile on his face.

He gave the flowers to Yuri. “I love you.”  He smiled. Those are the simple words he said that meant everything to them.

She looked at him with surprised face. She started to blush because of this. She stared at him up and down, from his nervous face to the flowers that he is presenting to her. Then she spoke. “Huh? How about Inoo-senpai?”

“What about her?”

“Isn’t she the one you like? I mean you have been courting her and everything.” Her volume fades as she says the words.

He smiles. “Ah...you’re right. I did find her the ‘most beautiful’ but that is not the case right now.”  He was still offering her the flowers. “That was what I thought....but after an eye opener... the most adorable, cute, pretty and beautiful girl has been growing up beside me. And I never realized it. I needed to be reminded to see you from another view. I was not able to say you were beautiful before because that would mean I have feelings for you. And I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

He sighed lowered his head and brought down the flowers he was holding. “I had a crush on you Yuri in middle school, but after learning how shy you were, how introvert you can be, and how close you are with Yuya, I felt I don’t stand a chance, so I would rather stay as your friend and be by your side than to lose you as a friend altogether and never see or talk to you ever again.”

After hearing these sweet words, she can never stop the tears that are now falling down her face. She is so happy that her heart wants to burst out from her chest right now.

He saw this and panic. He took his handkerchief from his pocket and started to wipe the tears away.

All she did was smile her sweetest smile with tears in her eyes….  “I love you too.”

He smiled too and offered the flowers again which she took it and hugged it a little. The smiles never leaving their faces. He walked towards her and pulled her into a warm loving hug that he usually gives her.

“Oh... and just so you know... I saw our pictures from way before. And I am still thinking until now why it is that it is hidden at the back of the rest of the pictures.”

She looked at him with a surprised face. “And I saw my picture way back of the table as well. And those are not the pictures I gave you. It’s like they were stolen shots.”  He was giggling afterwards.

She blushed at this and lowered her head with embarrassment.  He smiled knowing what her reaction would be never failed to amaze him.

He lifted her chin up and to make her look at him. “Chinen Yuri, I love you so much. Would you be my girlfriend, and if possible in the future, my wife as well?”

She was startled at the last part of the question, but nevertheless she answered with the one that has been in her heart for the longest time. “Nakajima Yuto, I love you too, so much for so long, and it would be my honor to be your girlfriend, and to be your wife in the future too.”  She answered with all smiles and confidence.

He leaned forward and gave her and himself their first kiss and wishing that it will never be the last in their lifetime.


The four left the auditorium and walked back to the stalls to buy something to eat after the two left.

“Ryuu, you knew that Yuto is going to confess to my cousin that’s why you stopped me, right?”

“Actually, no.”  They stopped walking and looked at him waiting for further explanation.

“Well, what I know is that the look on Yuto’s face is his usual thinking face. The very serious I am-about-to-do-something-great look. That’s what he uses before every contest he joins or tests he takes.”  He said knowingly.

“You mean that’s his thinking face?” Ryosuke asked.

“Yup. And I bet he took her to that park they always go to when they want to be alone.”

“Wait…how do you know all of this?”  Daiki asked sceptically. She knows that Ryuu is a bright guy but this is too much.

“Oh…he wrote down his plans.  He will be one hell of a business man like his dad. But he got to stop writing down his plans. That will ruin everything. It was a good thing I was the one who saw his ‘plan’.”  He smirked at his friends and earned a hit on the head from Ryosuke with eyes rolling.

Ryutaro just massaged that part of his head and smiled at her lovingly, which was returned as well.

Omake 2:

The performance went without a hitch. The two managed to get back to their university in time for the band performance. Everyone was cheering for the great performance that they gave the student body.

Yuri did not win the contest on the count of Yuto singing with her, but still, all of them were happy. And they are very happy as well that the two already got together. And they do fit together. They look like the opposite but the truth is they complement each other so much.

As for Hikaru, he congratulated the two and gave up on Yuri. Not because Yuto confessed first and got a return of feelings, but because he got hit by cupid. And Kei is someone he needs to take care of. Like how she was taking care of him without him noticing. And his change of feelings all started when she confessed to him.

At the end of everything....

“So when are we gonna tell them that we are also together?”

“Why should we? They can figure it out themselves.” The other answered sarcastically.

“I knew it!  You really don’t love me like you said you do. You wanted to hide our relationship from everyone. You are embarrassed to be with me. And we have been going out since high school!”  He shouted and stomped off.

She followed him and hugged him from behind. “I’m sorry baby. Fine, we’ll announce it on the next gathering.”

“Really?” He turned around and hugged her tight as well.

“Yes.” She smiled and hugged him again.

“Thank you. I love you Ryosuke!” he shouted with a smile.

“I love you too Ryutaro!” and kissed each other.

Ryo 2

Kimi Ni Todo Ke

Pairing: YutoChii

Side pairings:  TaDaiki, YamaRyu and HikaNoo

Friends: Yabu and Keito

Genre: AU, fluff, angst, romance

Warning: Cross-gender Daiki, Yuri and Ryosuke are girls here…. So if you’re not into it…STOP HERE….

Disclaimer: These people own themselves… I’m just using their names for our pleasure and wild imaginations….

Summary: Will you see me?  Will you feel my growing admiration, adoration, affection that I feel for you? Will you return the love I have been sharing you for many years now?


Their group are currently sitting in the cafeteria by the corner. They never liked the attention they are given, but that is undeniable. They are not only good looking but they have proven that they have brains and excel in their chosen fields.

Nakajima Yuto, Takaki Yuya, Morimoto Ryutaro are the guys. Chinen Yuri, Yamada Ryosuke and Arioka Daiki are the girls.

This group have been friends since middle school. They have met by being stuck together in the same class ever since. And they have been on each others’ side since then. Now they are in their 2nd year in college. Yuto, Yuri, Ryosuke and Ryutaro got accelerated in middle school that is why they are the same year with their ‘supposed to be’ senpai’s Yuya and Daiki.

They are taking business courses with different majors. But even so, they still have time for each other.


They are currently eating their lunch.

“Hey Yuya, Inoo-senpai approached me and asked if you would like to be the vocalist of the band they are establishing for the universities’ activities.”  Ryosuke asked him.

“Well, I don’t know. I mean why me? And how would she know that I can sing anyways? I didn’t even do any singing while I was here.”

“Oh…” Yuto reacted. “I recommended you.”

“Why would you do that, huh?” Yuya looked at his friend with a raised eye brow.

“Well, I auditioned as their drummer.” He answered shyly.

Yuya and Ryutaro along with Ryosuke and Daiki ‘wooed’ him, while Yuri quietly looked at the blushing guy in front of her. They all knew that he has a big time crush on Inoo Kei since he first laid eyes on her on the first day of university. The most popular student in the Architectural College Department.

He has been trying his luck even though that he already heard that she has her eyes on another popular student in another department. The Music department to be exact. His name is Yaotome Hikaru.

Yuri on the other hand just kept quiet while they are all excited for Yuya’s audition. After awhile, she stood up and excused herself from hearing further the discussion she cannot bear.

There was one eye that saw her expression. And he doesn’t know why she was not happy. He excused himself as well and didn’t give any explanation to the questioning eyes of their friends. He quietly followed her and found her going to the furthest and most secluded area she found in the university’s campus.

He watched her carefully. He saw her sit and stared into nothing, but the sun’s rays made the falling tear shine.

He approached her quietly and sat beside her without saying anything until she spoke to him.

“Yutti, what are you doing here?” She asked in surprised to see her friend there. Quickly wiping her tears away.

“I followed you stupid.” He smiled a little while looking at her embarrassed face.

“You shouldn’t have. I just wanted to be alone for a while. You know me.” She laughed a small hollow laugh that he noticed, but never said anything.

“I know, but I still think that that audition will be good for Yuya. It will help develop his singing. We all know how good he is, but never likes to be in the spot light when he deserves it so much.”

“I know. And I am very happy for him.”

“Actually, you look like you wanted to stop him.”

“Do I?” she laughed her hallow laugh again and deeply sighed.

“When do you plan on confessing to him? I know you like him. You two are close and knew each other by heart.”

“Really? I look like I have thing for him? Anyways, that’s wrong. Besides, I know who he likes. He already planned his confession for her.”

“You’re not going to stop him?” He looked at her worriedly.

“Why?” She looked at him like he has two heads.

“I said I knew you like him.”

“You’re right, I do like him, but as a friend. Best friend, but I don’t love him. And the one I love already has someone he likes. And if you heard me, he likes someone else and that is not me.” A tear fell from her eyes, this time another followed until she cannot stop it anymore.

He pulled her close and calmed her down. “Chii-chan, if he doesn’t notice you then he doesn’t deserve you.”

She cried harder after hearing this. ‘Stupid… you are the one who don’t notice me.’


Yuya showed up at the audition with his friends to support him.  Inoo Kei was on keyboards, Yaotome Hikaru is their bassist, and their two guitarists are Yabu Kota the lead and Okamoto Keito the rhythm, and of course, Nakajima Yuto, their drummer.

They made him sing a couple of songs that he knows and they were amazed by his voice. And we all know what that means. Everyone was happy. And Yuto saw Yuri happily congratulating him. And he was surprised to see that the happiness she is giving reached her eyes. Now he is confused why she was sad the other day.

He was really doesn’t understand women.


They made their way to their usual place, which is a burger place they have been going to since high school. They celebrated for their friend.

“Guys, thank you for this.” He said happily.

“No problem. You deserve this chance. Just don’t forget us when you get famous.” Ryutaro said with a smile.

They are sitting in a circle type of table. From left to right, Ryutaro and Ryosuke, Yuya and Daiki, Yuri and Yuto. Making sure that the one sitting on the edge are the guys.

They were half way eating their milk shakes, burgers and fries when Yuya suddenly spoke. “Guys, I want to make an announcement.”  They all looked at him. “Dai-chan and I are now officially a couple since yesterday.” He intertwined their hands and showed it to their friends.

Daiki blushed and playfully hit Yuya by his shoulders with her free hand. “You shouldn’t have said that. It’s not like we got engaged or something.”

“Well you guys look like you both got engaged, and I am very happy for you two.” Yuri said and hugged Daiki while whispering… “I told you he loves you.” 

Daiki smiled and nodded with a tear in her eye. When they let go of each other, Yuya saw this and panic. “Dai-chan, why are you crying?” He suddenly pulled her into a hug.

“I am just very happy. And you know my parents love you too, right?”

“That’s why I did it at your house for them to know my intensions are true. And I am very glad they accepted me for you.”

Everyone was happy and congratulated that their Bakaki is now a serious Takaki.

“Well we did notice that there are some glances that you two are giving that are not normal for simple friends. Although you weren’t able to tell this to us and just announce that you two are together, just the same, we very happy for the both of you.” Ryosuke announced.

Everyone laughed at her bluntness. She just states what’s in her mind.

While they are celebrating, Yuto has been glancing at Yuri and saw her sad eyes again. It was a longing stare she was doing at the happy couple. He cannot take it anymore and made some excuse that he needs to go home and needs Yuri’s assistance.

They all bought it and they immediately left their hang out. Yuri was so surprise, she wasn’t able to protest and react when she was pulled and held by Yuto’s strong grip.  He hurriedly picked up his and her bag and didn’t let go of her hand until they reached the park near her home.

He pulled her to sit at one of the benches in the park and just exploded. “Will you stop doing that?!” Yuto shouted at her.

Yuri looked at him with wide questioning eyes.

Yuto was phasing in front of her very irritated. “Will you stop that and stop hurting yourself!”

She was surprised that he shouted at him. He barely does it so she knows that he was mad at what she did.

“I don’t understand what you are trying to say. I don’t even know why you had to drag me here when we are enjoying ourselves there.”

“We are you’re not.”

“How could you say that?! You don’t even know what I was thinking!”

He faced her. “You are looking at them like you were jealous of their relationship. You know you don’t have to. You will find the right guy for you!”

“What the hell are you saying?! I am not jealous!”

“Yes you were! I still remember our last talk. And I know that you are thinking of that guy again. Whoever the hell he is. And now you are acting like this since then. And today it got worst after learning of their relationship.”

“Well I’m sorry for being like this! Because I know I can never have what they have! I can never have his love!”

Yuto looked at her surprised. She was breathing heavily and her face was flushed with anger. Tears are already threatening to fall. “I am jealous of what they have. I love them both. And I knew they love each other. They deserve to be together. Unlike me, the guy I like and love since middle school has been setting his eyes everywhere except on me. Now he likes another girl in the university. And I can never compare to her. ‘She is the most beautiful I have ever seen.’ That is what he said. You know how painful it is to hear that from the person you’ve been in love with for half of your life?”

Yuto cannot say anything. He never knew she was keeping this type of feeling for another guy for this long. And to think she knew her since middle school but never gave a hint she was in love then. Now he is starting to get curious who could this guy be, for she never was around any other guys except for them in their group?

She sighed and turned to him with questioning expression. “Yutti… we’ve known each other since middle school, do you think that I am beautiful?”

He stared at her and didn’t know how to answer. Yuri is his friend, but he knows that he doesn’t see her pass that. Or, he doesn’t see her being beautiful for they have been friends for quite a long time. It’s kinda awkward to say that to a friend, right?

“See…you cannot even tell me I am beautiful, how do you think the guy I am in love with will fall for me if even my friend cannot see that I am beautiful?”

“You are beautiful Chinen Yuri.” They both looked at the person who said that and was pretty shocked to see their senpai.


There he stood with a dorky smile on his face. The bassist of the current band Yuto is with looking at Yuri with love.

Yuri brushed her face and bowed to him in greeting. “I’m sorry, but do I know you?”

Yaotome Hikaru smiled shyly at the lovely girl. “I don’t think so, but I am willing to let you know me, like I am willing to know you.”

“And why would I do that?”  Yuri answered with concern and a raised eye brows, while Yuto just looked back and forth between the two. He is a little stunned that his senior is in their place asking for something from his friend.

“Because I would like to get to know the girl who caught my eyes since she came to college.” His smile never leaving his face. “By the way, I’m Yaotome Hikaru from the Music Department.” Bowing a little.

Yuto butt in on the conversation. “Hika-senpai, how in the world did you find us anyway?”

“I saw she was with you guys when your friend auditioned. And I saw my chance of you introducing me to her. But you guys are fast and left the music room in hurry. I saw you walking out the burger joint a while ago and followed you. I only came closer when you never answered her question.” Hikaru was ne taking his eyes off Yuri.

The mentioned girl was getting a bit uncomfortable from the stare she was getting. She pulled Yuto and hid behind her friend who automatically placed his hand on her shoulder and tightly hugged her. He knows her too well not to know why she did that action.

Hiraku cocked is head to the side wondering why she did that. Yuto understood why the other had that questioning look but never gave an answer instead… “I apologize but, I think we need to go now. Yuri is starting not to feel well.”

“Can I come along so I can know where to visit her?”

Yuri automatically shook her head which Yuto felt and declined his senior. “I’m sorry, but she is not comfortable with that. Maybe next time when she’s ready and okay?” He bowed to him and didn’t let go of the girl who was tightly clinging to him as well and went straight to her home.

Hikaru was left at the park staring at their disappearing back with determination on his face that he will get to know her.


Yuri immediately let go of Yuto when they were already in front of her home and ran inside. Yuto sighed and followed her inside to her room after greeting her parents who were in the living room.

He knocked on her door and entered, knowing she will not answer. He called her name softly and saw her sitting on her bed quietly.

He entered the room and slowly approached her when she spoke. “I hope that I will have what Yuya and Dai-chan have in the future.”

Yuto massaged his forehead a little in irritation that Yuri is acting like a kid who lost her lolly. “Yuri, the right man will come for you. Don’t hurry yourself. You are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. So whoever you like will like you back eventually. Maybe he is just taking his time.”

“I am just one of the beautiful faces but not the most beautiful for you.” She said with a sigh. Even though she is happy that he was able to say that she is beautiful.


“I have been longing for him for a very long time Yutti. And he never saw me past the friendship we have.” Yuri abruptly stopped herself from continuing her statement knowing she already slipped. And Yuto will question her who this guy is.

“What did you just say? You have known him for a long time and you two are friends?”

She didn’t move from her now hanged to be able to hide her blushing face.


“Forget what I said.” She stood up and was walking towards her bathroom but was stopped by a hand holding her arm not too tight and not too loose as well.

“Chinen Yuri, Why didn’t I know this? Why didn’t I notice that you like someone?”

She shivered a little for he called her by her full name, meaning he is getting mad. “Cause you were busy looking at other girls.” Yuri murmured which Yuto didn’t hear…clearly.

“What? I was busy with what?” Yuto asked with concern.


Yuto pulled Yuri into a hug. “Chii… I want to see you happy. Recently I’ve noticed you’re always sighing and looking depressed. Even Yuya is asking me already why when he should know ‘coz he is the closest to you after all.”  He caressed her head and continued speaking. “I may not be your best friend, but I do know you well enough too you know. And I will do anything to make you happy.”

Yuri pushed herself away from Yuto a little and looked him with tears in her eyes. “Why?”

“Because..” pulling her back into their hug. “…I hate seeing you this lonely. It breaks my heart.”


It had already been a month since that talk. And Yuto and Yuya have started to get busy with practicing with their band for the school affair is getting near. And the others understand these. And because Dai-chan and Yuya are together, she is always there waiting for him.

Yuto was on his way home from practice when he saw a familiar figure a little far from him going the same direction. But what surprised him was she stopped and another familiar figure approached her. He saw them talk and walked together.

He was surprised at this, and doesn’t know how to react.


The following day, their group were meeting at their usual lunch table when Hikaru approached them.

“Hey, can I join you guys?” He looked at Yuri expectantly.

Yuya noticed the look his senpai was giving his friend and answered for them. “S-sure. Ahm… let me just grab a chair for you.”

“No need. I’ll get one.” He took off to get a chair.

Yuya nudged Yuri. “So what is he doing here?”

She was looking down and answered. “He asked me yesterday if he can join us and I said yes. No big deal right?”

“Yuri, I know you don’t open up this easy to anyone.” Ryutaro commented. “And I don’t think he is the right guy for you. I know the stupid guy that you like. Want me to talk to him?”

Ryosuke hit him in the head. “Are you out of your mind? Just shut up and watch what will happen to them.”

Yuto was the first to react. “What do you mean? You all know who she likes?”

Everyone stayed quiet, while Yuri bowed her head to hide her blushing face. She never knew she was this obvious.

 Yuto wanted to asked more but Hikaru already arrived with a chair.  He abruptly stood up and left the cafeteria.


After practice, Yuto as has been taking Kei home since the incident in the cafeteria happened.  Hikaru was always joining them at their table when he has the same lunch schedule as his kohais to get to know Yuri more.  Yuto on the other hand has started inviting Kei to their lunch table as well. And their friends as getting confused at what is going on.

This situation has been happening for a month now. And Yuya is getting sick seeing the things that is unfolding right before his eyes. And the fact that Yuri is just entertaining herself due to another situation that has been happening as well.


He talked to her to join him and Dai-chan in going home. And the other already knows why his beloved boyfriend asked Yuri with them. She is also sad seeing her like this. Like she is forcing herself in the situation she is in now to save her heart.

The three went to a pizza parlor. They avoided their burger hang out to make sure that they will not be spotted by their other friends and hear their conversation.

Their real talk didn’t start after their pizza and drinks arrived.

After finishing his first pizza… “Okay…so what is the real deal Yuri? This is not like you. Do you really think that it will really hurt less if you become friendly with Hika? I know he is a good guy and everything but doing this is really not so like you. And I hate to say this but you will be having your heart broken into more pieces if you don’t stop what you are doing.” Yuya irritably said to her.

Dai-chan held his hand to calm him down. “Come on sweetie… don’t add more pressure on her anymore.”

“No I can’t… you know how she is. She easily gets hurt and never says anything. Like when Yuto said he is the drummer of the band and blushed at the mention of Kei. How she was pulled away by Yuto after announcing our relationship.”  He took a deep breath while Yuri looked at him with surprise. “Yuto is also noticing your hurt expressions but he is just stupid not to think that it is because of him.”

Yuri is hanged her head in shame. Yuya can still read her like an open book. Well there is a reason for that, but that will be for another day.

“Sweetie… Yuri is a big girl already. Besides, this is part of being in love. Before we got together I cried numerous times too when you have been talking about other girls.”

“I did that on purpose because I wanted to know if you like me back those times. You know that I never had any girlfriends before you nor will I have them after you because I want you to be my first and last remember?”

Dai-chan blushed due to his words.  Yuri just smiled at them. She is very happy that her two friends are together like this. And she knew how much the two love each other. As for her, she is nowhere near that point.

“Chii, do you think that Yuto is the right guy for you? I mean, I know how you feel for him, but he seems not to be like that to you. I can’t tell you who to love but don’t hurt yourself more by forcing your heart to like someone else.” Daiki said.

“I don’t know how you guys knew about my feelings for Yuto, but I wanted you guys to know that I am not forcing myself. I would like to have new friends. And Hika-kun is being nice to me. Besides, he already asked me about courting me.”

“And what was your answer?” Yuya retaliated with raised brows.

“I wasn’t able to for he knows that I like someone else.”

“He does, but still hanged around you?” Daiki said surprised.

“Yup… and he is very good to me. He also said he would like to start taking me home.  But I said that is not possible for your guys have band practice practically every day.”

“Really?”  Yuya smiled.

“Sweetie…I don’t like when you smile like that.”

“Bakaki..” Yuri groaned.


Yuto started to notice that Yuri has been watching their practice with Daiki for a week now. And it’s just today that he noticed that after their practice that Hikaru took her bag and walked her home. And the bad part of what he saw is that Yuya and Daiki were happily walking like they have all been friends with Hikaru for a long time.

His thinking was interrupted when Kei held his shoulders and smiled at him. He looked at the direction he was looking and the smile was wiped out of her face immediately. Her heart is broken yet again of the nth time this week seeing Hikaru with the petit girl.

“Let’s go Yuto-kun.”

He nodded at her and walked the opposite direction.


Weekend came and it was time to meet at their hang out place.

They were all talking animatedly when Hikaru and Kei walked thru the door and smiled at the group.

Yuto did invite Kei but got kinda pissed off seeing Hikaru there as well.

Everyone said their ‘hi’.  Ryutaro and Ryosuke looked at the new people with amazement. They just shook their heads.

After the two newly arrived guest settle on some chairs, Hikaru automatically placed his hand over Yuri’s shoulder. Yuto seeing this and the discomfort that was etch on her face. He took Hikaru’s hand and removed it from her.

Hikaru, along with Kei and the rest of their friends were surprised at his reaction. “Chii-chan doesn’t like other people touching her like that.”

“And you are the only one who can do that?”  Hikaru asked laced with sarcasm.

“So what if I’m the only one?!”  Shouted at his face.  He stood up and grabbed Yuri by the hand and started to pull her out of the place.

Hikaru held his arms. “Where do you think you’re taking her?”

He shoved his hands and answered angrily. “Far from you!”

Yuri bowed to them and just followed Yuto.

Everyone was smiling secretly at what unfolded and Hikaru was the only one who was pissed.


“Yuto!” He abruptly stopped after so many times that Yuri has been calling him in the past 15 minutes of walking.

He looked at her and felt a little guilty that Yuri was kinda angry at him at the moment. He let go of her, turned around, and took deep breath. He was very upset at the moment and cannot think why he was seeing a hand over Yuri’s shoulder that is not his or their other friends, but mostly his.

“Yuto?” Yuri called him gently.

He turned around and looked at her again. “I’m sorry Chii… I don’t know what came over me.”

Yuri smile at him and shook her head. “No worries. I know that it was out of instinct for you. I mean, you have never seen me with another guy.”

“Your right, but I feel that that should never happen ever again.” He said looking down.

“Yutti… I know you look at me like a sister and that’s okay. You have Kei-senpai as well. And it’s time for me to move on.”

“What do you mean move on?”  He said interrupting Yuri with shocked eyes.

“Like I said before…” A tear fell from her eyes.  “…the one I love is already in love with someone else that is not me.  And I cannot do anything but move on.”

“Yuri…” he held her shoulders.


“Please don’t do this.”


Yuto pulled her into a hug. “I don’t know why I feel like this. But please… please…. Just let me be the one by your side until you get over whoever that guy is.” 

She hugged him back after hearing his words. “Okay.” Knowing deep inside her she will have the hardest time to forget HIM.

Yuto calmed down after that and kept on hugging her. He is very confused at his actions feelings at the moment.


Yuto took Yuri home while holding her hand and only let go after they reached the front of her home. 

Yuri smiled at him and was trying to get her hand back but he didn’t let go still. She looked at him curiously and he just smiled.

“We haven’t eaten dinner yet.”

“Ah… you’re right.  I can cook you dinner since nobody is home to cook for us.”

“Eh…”  Yuto said while feeling shy all of a sudden.

Yuri laughed at him and pulled him in. “Oh come on…it’s like you have never been here without them before.”


Since that day, something changed, and Yuto until now, cannot figure out what. It has already been a month and they have been hanging out together again. And Yuto becomes hyper alert when Hikaru was around, specially that Yuri still has been accompanying Daiki while they practice. And the elder one is still trying to make his move on the younger one, but Yuto is not allowing it.

While all of these things are happening, Hikaru has become irritable to their drummer. And it has been affecting their practice little by little and everyone is not happy with it.

Kei suddenly pulled Hikaru to one of the deserted rooms in the hall way after practice. She cannot take it anymore that everyone is being subjected to the irritation that he is feeling for Yuri that is always being guarded by Yuto.

“Okay Yaotome Hikaru! You better clean your act! Nakajima-kun has been nothing but doing the right things for this band. And you are acting like you are much younger than him at the moment. And I assure you I know the cause.”

“Tsk…mind your own business Kei. This has nothing to do with you. You should be angry for that drummer boy is not paying you anymore attention.”  Irritatingly said.

“For your information, I am very happy that he has stopped liking me and taking good care of his friend. He knew from the start that I don’t like him that way. And he was very understandable. And I am very glad that Yuri is returning everything he is showing to her.”


“Because you are so stupid Yaotome!”  She started crying.  “You are the one I like. You are the one who stole my heart since the first time we met, but you never even looked at me.” She took a deep breath, trying to stop the tears. “You have always been saying how good of a friend I am to you, but even so I was always there. I am never ready to do this band thing, but I did because it will give time to spend with you. But still I failed at making you notice me.”  Her tears never stopped. She looked into his shocked eyes and turned around and left.

Out of nowhere…. “That was one hell of a drama there.” 


He stood not too far from him. “Hika… you are my best friend, but she is still my cousin. And seeing her like this and for the first time, it makes me not happy right now.”

Hikaru didn’t say anything and just stood there shocked at just what occurred.

“I know that the confession is not something you were expecting from her. But I am hoping you will be honest with her.”  With that he turned around and walked the path of his cousin to see how she is doing.



11th-Dec-2011 08:11 pm - My Stalker ..... JinNo of course


Author: maikenap
Pairing:  JinNo
Genre: PG
Cautions: gender switch for Junno being the girl, AU, weird POV

Summary:  What happened after a Stalker confessed to his stalkee…

a/n: this is my come back fic... it has been a year already since i last posted... i think... and i don't know it i still remember how to write... but i tried... and this is the product... hope you guys like it....


How would you react after knowing that the person you trust, the person who saved your life almost a year ago from the hands of the men who almost raped you, was also the same person who made you paranoid for almost half a year for he was your stalker?

You ran to your room and securely locked the door. You slid down the floor and cried hard. While doing so, you heard the front door of your house close. You knew he was gone. Out of your home and positively your life, if he will not stalk you again?


Thinking long and hard of all the times that you started to feel that there was someone who was following you everywhere, anytime, any day. Even in your own home, you feel someone is always looking at you and staring at you. Looking out the window you saw no one, still. You already asked assistance from the police, but that was no good for there was no proof that you were being stalked.

You feel like you were starting to lose your mind due to this, but you really have no proof for there were no letters or things that are being left neither your work place nor your home to prove otherwise. You transferred home and work, but still you felt still the same.

One day, you had to come home from work late. While walking along the dim lit street back to your apartment, feeling the exhaustion and sleepiness due to working overtime, you forgot that there is a certain someone you always feel that keeps following you around.

You were almost at the end of the street near your apartment complex when someone pulled you at the dark alley. You were able to scream at first before you got a hit at your face and felt your back hit the cold hard wall. Your mouth was being covered by one of the two men who were holding your arms. There was a third guy in front of you who was running his fingers over your neck going down your body.

You tried your hardest to fight back or shout, but they were much stronger than you. All you could do was cry. The third guy already forcibly opened your blouse and was holding you bra when you saw through your wet blurry vision he was pulled away from you.

You fell on the ground when the two other men let you go in order to help the third guy. Your eyes were starting to close when you felt a heavily breathing person pulling you up and carried you bridal style. He tried to calling you to make sure you stay conscious. You responded and were able to open your eyes only to see bruised faced guys carrying you, asking were you alright. You directed him to your apartment. You told him you can walk when you reached the lobby.

He was about to say something, which you feel will be him saying that he will be leaving you, so you pulled his arms and directed him to the elevator. You both were quiet inside the lift. You were thinking if you were doing the right thing to bring him into your home. But you owe him your life so you took him in.

You told him to take a seat at your sofa and took the first aid kit from your bathroom to take care his bruises. When you were about to apply the cotton ball with the medicine, he stopped your hands and took the cotton and slowly applied it to the cut at your lip.

While he was doing that, you quietly stared at his face. You were amazed that beyond his bruises there lies a very handsome face. His eyes were gorgeous; his skin was in between being tan and white, making him glow despite having the bruises.

The gorgeous guy already finished applying the medicine on your cut, which you didn't notice, but kept staring at the wonderful face of your savior. He was already waving his hand in front of your face before you were brought back to reality. Your face blushed and started to treat his wounds. None of you were still speaking at the moment.

He hissed in pain, but took it man enough. After putting some plasters, he took your hand and asked you with concerned eyes if you were alright. You breathed deeply and smiled at him and answered: “I am now.”

And that was it, the start of your savior, Akanishi Jin and you, Taguchi Junnosuke being always together and knowing each other. Letting him enter your life without prejudice.

You don’t know why Jin had to tell you that particular secret, when he could have kept it all his life without you knowing it. You hurt so much since you knew you fell for him at first sight. You never told him your feelings for you don’t know if felt the same since you feel that he is just being his protective self since the night the two of you met. He treated you like someone special already but not as lovers for he never confessed. You don’t want to read it wrongly, but he acts like your boyfriend when he sees that there are guys who are being too close to you. You feel giddy inside that he acts like that. But you know that from the first time you met how sweet he is as well.


Now he has ruined everything because he told you that he was your stalker then. That he was the one who has been following you around and watching you from a far. You even accused him that maybe the reason for the almost rape was him. He defended himself that he will never hurt you in any way or put your life in danger. Now you cannot not believe him, due to the fact that his stalking drove you to the edge of insanity.

Your heart hurt for you are so in love with him now. You have loved him since you met him.

You heard the thunder roared big rain drops started to drop heavier every second that passed. You started to worry for you know Jin well enough now. The first time you two had a fight, he walked slowly like he was in a trance and never minding the ground he was walking. The reason you knew was because you got guilty for you knew you were the one wrong and followed him to say sorry.

Now you are worried again that he may have done it again, and he may get sick. Although you are still appalled at the information you found out, you cannot erase the fact that you love him enough to forgive him.

You took your umbrella, forgetting to get a coat and just wore your slip in shoe and started running outside your home going to a certain place you think he may have been the first place he will go to. 

You reached one of the most important place where you two kept spending time playing and having picnics. The neighbourhood park. Yeah, you transferred to a simple home with Jin’s insistence of you moving, which coincidentally is the same area where his own home is located. And for half a year that you have been living in that area, you found out that Jin likes to eat in the nearby combinis and small food stands, which he is a regular. You found out he loves soccer and most specially kids. He was popular there.

When you got to the park, it was not fully lit so you were having a hard time to see where he maybe. You started to look around and found him at the top of the slide, crying. You can see it even if he is being rained on. While trying to catch your breath and releasing a deep sigh of relief after seeing him there, a smile made its way on your face hearing him shouting on top of his lungs. “Junno!!!! I’m sorry!! Please forgive me!!”

You knew he hasn't realized you were there yet. You slowly walked towards him as he continued to shout, the smile never leaving your face after hearing all his words.

didn't mean to hurt you!!! I just wanted you to know what I did. I don’t want to hide anything from you because I love you!!! So please forgive me!!!!”

You dropped your umbrella after hearing the words he loves you and went up the slide too. When you got to the top you found Jin kneeling…bowing his head…crying hard asking for your forgiveness and saying he loves you over and over again.

He was surprised after receiving a hug from behind. You let go of the hug after feeling him tense up and froze. You forced him to turn around and looked straight at his eyes, both of you now crying. He was definitely surprised to see you.

You gave him a light peck on the lips which made him almost pop his eyes out of his socket, but in return, he kissed you back, pulled you near him knowing that he was forgiven.

After both of you catching your breaths, you smiled your best sunshine smile that he always says he loves, and said: “I love you Jin.”


After finally able to part, both stood up and Junno pulled Jin by the hand towards her home. Jin didn’t protest for he doesn’t want her to go home alone either.

When they got there, she got themselves some towels and prepared a hot bath for Jin. She doesn’t want him to get sick. While he is in the shower, she prepared the clothes that he could wear from her own clothes. It was good thing that she used to buy big clothes before that she wasn’t using recently at home. She laid the clothes on her bed for he was using her shower.

Jin got out of the shower and went straight to the living room to find Junno wrapped in a robe and watching something on television. He stood in front of her to get her attention. Junno was surprised to see him standing there, what is making her shocked was he was wearing only a towel on him. A half naked Jin, a very hot half naked Jin, which is making her heart beat twice as fast and her face turning red.

Jin was like, “Uh… baby….are you ok? You face is turning bright red. Are you having a fever?” Touching he forehead, this made her jump in surprise and immediately stood up and ran inside her room.

He smiled at Junno’s reaction. He knows why Junno ran, he was actually teasing her. And he loved how she reacted. He saw the clothes laid on the bed but didn’t wear it. After teasing her, that’s when he wore the pjs.

It took her a while to finish taking a shower. After that she wore her own pjs and went straight to the kitchen to boil some water to make some green tea. While Jin wore the pjs and watch some tv knowing that Junno will take a while from making the tea.

She brought the tea at the living room and gave Jin his and she sat beside him and rested her head on his shoulder. He automatically placed his arms around him and took a sip of his tea. They were comfortably and quietly sitting on the couch, resting after a very emotional night.

After a few minutes that the teas are gone, they fell asleep in each others’ arms on the couch. Jin woke up first when dawn is starting. He noticed that he couldn’t move and that there was something weighing him down. He looked at the person on him and smiled lazily. He forgot that he fell asleep with Junno on him. He tried to move a little to be able to stand up, but Junno just snuggled more to him with a cute groan. He smiled to this and still tried to stand up.

Junno untangles herself and moved the other direction. Jin kept his smile on his face seeing the reaction of his most beloved person. He carried he like a princess and laid her on her bed. He covered her with her blanket and walked to the direction of the door.

Jin~” Junno whimpered. Jin stopped on his tracks and turned around. He walked back to Junno and found her shedding a tear.

He wiped the tear away and was surprised the next second. “Jin… I’m sorry… don’t leave me…” Jin was so shocked to hear it. He don’t know why she would say such a thing when she didn’t do anything wrong. It was kind of confusing him right now but that was ok for it makes him feel like he was on cloud nine from what he heard.

He shook her slightly and called her name. “Junno, baby, wake up.”

She woke up sniffing a little and was surprised she was on her bed. Jin smiled and caressed her hair. “Having a bad dream?”

She nodded and tried to sit up. She lowered her head down and tried to recall her dream. “It was at the time of the fight and you left me and never came back.” New tears found their way down her beautiful skin.

Jin worriedly hugged her for thinking such a thing, but he cannot stop her. “I’m sorry for pushing you away. I’m sorry for not listening to you. If I didn’t follow you I don’t know what I will do.” She cried hard.

You should not worry over such things anymore my Junno.” Jin said while hugging her and rubbing her back to comfort her. “I am here that’s the most important thing, isn’t it? Don’t think about it anymore. I love you and I won’t leave ever even if you push me away.”

She cried more and hugged him as tight as he can. “Thank you.”

should be the one to thank you for accepting me after me doing such a crazy thing such as being your stalker.”

But I am very thankful for it. If you haven’t been following me around you wouldn’t have saved me that night. The night that I felt scared for my life and the same night I fell for my hero.”

Jin smiled like he never smiled before and knew in his heart that he just fell in love more for the girl in his arms.

I love you….My Stalker….

23rd-Jun-2011 10:34 pm - Multi Fic: Meeting Your Happiness
Ryo 4

Meeting Your Happiness…

Pairing:  JinNo(main) KeiishiKido, TomaPi (side pairings)

Genre:  fluff, angst, surprising (is it even a genre?)

Rating:  PG-13…(it may go up in the future)

Fandom:  KAT-TUN and NewS (Kanjani8 ninja)

Disclaimer:  as always, the plot is the only thing that belongs to me, old man Johnny owns them….

Summary:  When people tends to pull you down, push yourself up and be the best that you can be.... by: JinNo 

one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven / ????

a/n: I wish I didn't make things complicated, but I always end it like that...breaking my heart over and over from the situation of the story before finally making things right in the end... so I do hope you guys will love my story....

22nd-Jun-2011 12:00 am - my wallies...
Ryo 4
 made some wallies that are for me but if you like them feel free to take them...




Ryo 4
     I was so shocked to hear from the news that an earthquake has rocked the capital of Japan, Tokyo and that a tsunami swept Sendai... and then a fire broke out in Fukushima.... I was really sad for the time that the quake was happening, I was telling my dad and his friends how I wanted to start a life there or something similar.... we were laughing and I was like telling them why I wanted to be there... Now this happened to them... but i am pretty sure that they will be able to stand back up and their lives will be back to normal. 

     I wish for everyones' safety and speedy recovery from this disaster they had.... Same goes to the Southern part of California and Hawaii and Virgin Islands that was hit by the tsunami as well... Though not that hard.... And for the Filipinos who were affected in the different parts of the world.... Don't forget to pray and stay safe...

     I pray for Japan and it's people... thousands are already dead and injured... I also pray that the minor effected hasn't made a huge impact or add to the calamity stricken country/ies.

     Take Care Every One!!!!!


Ryo 4
Chapter 9

Chapter 10

When the three officers went to Junno's room, they found the couple lying quietly on the hospital bed. And as much as they don't want to disturb their peaceful atmosphere, they have work to be done and make sure that the perpetrators will remain in jail.

As Miroku and Junno saw the officers come in, Junno quickly held Miroku by his shirt tightly. Of course, the other understands why his lover acted that way. Even though he is not agreeing to relive her trauma, they needed to talk about it and make sure that this doesn't happen again.

Officer's Tadayoshi, Shota and Ryuhei introduced themselves again and started to ask questions.

Junno almost broke down reliving her most kept secret of what happened many years ago. It still hurt her, and Miroku thought he should've just killed those guys for touching and hurting the girl he loves in this world.

After the three left, Junno cried again and Miroku, though angry himself, calmed the girl down. It took him 30mins to do so.

Night came and visiting hours was over. Miroku and Bidou went home with a heavy heart again. They don't want to leave the girls, but they don't want to create a fuss about it.

The two girls were left in their own rooms, unable to sleep without the men they trust beside them.

Early morning, the two boys came back. They went straight to the hospital office to request for the two girls to share the same room until they get discharged.

It has already been a month since Jin and Junno got discharged from the hospital. Miroku and Bidou have been with them all the time.

Junno temporarily moved out of her home and lived with Jin until their case, which is already in court, is finished. Their boyfriends thought it would be best to be living in the same place to keep safe their families and easily monitor their own safety as well.

It's has already been two months when Junno and Jin noticed that Ryo and Pi hasn't contacted them yet, nor did the two visited them while they were in the hospital. They don't know why. They asked Miroku and Bidou about it and the two just looked at each other and shrugged the question off. The two girls didn't push the question why for they already know that the two have insecurities when it comes to the two guys.

They missed their friends badly. They have been with them through thick and thin, and this is the first time that they weren't by their sides. They are worried that something might have happened to the two, but looking at the expressions of the cousins, nothing seems to be the matter. Now they are more confused than ever.

It’s been four months already, Ryo nor did Pi have any effort in trying to contact the two girls, while the later did try to contact them. Their answering machine seems to be the only ones available to answer their calls.

They have been leaving messages and none of them were returned. And because of these, Miroku and Bidou have noticed that their girlfriends have been lonely. Now they are thinking that they might be in love with their cousins to be too down without communicating with them. Their insecurities are kicking in again and their jealousy.

The two girls can't be blamed by these for they consider the two as their best friends. At least being in touch with them will not make them feel left out, nor left behind again. They just want to know why they are avoiding them. That is something that they have a right too. Being friends for so long, always being there and always helping each other will make you depress when your friend suddenly went missing out on you. And this is how the girls feel.

A week more has passed; both Miroku and Bidou can't take it anymore. Seeing they were doing everything for Junno and Jin, but still the two aren't happy. They don't know what to do anymore. And they are getting angry at Jin and Junno for they are not saying anything at all.

So they tried to let it pass for the next couple of days.

Miroku and Bidou went straight to Jin's place to visit the two from a three day photo shoot. And they found the two girls in the kitchen cooking. They were welcomed with sad faces and let them in. They want to explode from the expression of the two girls, but still they calmed themselves and sat quietly in front of the television, watching something they don't hell care about.

The two girls were finished with their cooking and set-up the table. After that, they called Miroku and Bidou, but the two didn't budge from their seat.

The two girls know why, and they understood perfectly. So they went to the living room and sat beside their beloveds and laid their heads on their shoulder and held their hands.

The two boys didn't make any attempt to return the sweetness. They are pissed after all.

Jin stood up and pulled Bidou by his arms. Bidou just looked at Jin with dead eyes, but the latter was determined and still pulled Bidou up.

Junno just sat there head still on Miroku's shoulder and hugging his arms. She heard him sigh.

She also stood up and told Miroku to follow her to her bedroom. Miroku looked at her retreating back. He combed his hair in irritation that he cannot stop himself to follow the later in the bedroom.

In the other room, Jin and Bidou are sitting on the edge of the bed. Bidou was looking at his hand which he is currently playing because his anger might fade away and not be able to tell Jin what's on his mind. Jin can melt his heart.

The two guys are in a very awkward position right now. They are inside the girls rooms, and they are still guys.

Jin was the first to break the silence, since she can see that her boyfriend has no plan on saying anything.

"I know that you two are angry and very upset with us, and we can't blame you, of course." Bidou turned to her and saw her looking down. She continued, "We are not making you think otherwise of our sadness other than we are worried about Ryo and Pi. We just wanted to know why they suddenly evaporated on the face of the earth. And we want to know if they are mad at us or what. You both know that we have always been close. And whatever came our way, they were always with us and we were always with them. We stuck by each others’ side. Now, without any news, they suddenly stopped talking to us. And that is making us confused and really concerned on what is happening to them. Even though we don't see each other every day, a simple text message from them is always enough for us. That's how we do it, really. WE always keep in touch. Now they just stopped."

"Why concern yourself on people who, obviously, don't think of what you will feel for not getting in touch with you for so long?" Bidou irritably answered back.

Jin looked at him lost with his answer and the way he said it. It broke her heart that Bidou feels that way. So she just answered him wittily. "Think about this Bidou. You and Miroku have been friends your entire life. You two have gone through laughter and tears. Bar fights and playing with girls or whatever. And when one of you decided to run away from home, the other gladly followed without hesitation. Now when things settled down for the both of you, Miroku suddenly stopped talking to you and never showed his face. What would you think when you didn't have any fight or misunderstanding to begin with?"

Bidou looked at Jin with lost eyes. He doesn't know what to say to that.

Back to the other room, Junno and Miroku were already talking. Miroku is getting frustrated with the reasoning of Junno. She said something similar to what Jin said. Great minds think alike. And Jin and Junno are pretty girls with brains.

Miroku is not accepting the reason for his jealousy is showing up. "I don't care if they call you or not. It's actually good so that people will stop thinking that you are together with them!"

Junno shook her head and tears started to form in her eyes. She can't believe that Miroku can't understand her being concerned to a friend. "Until now you think that we, or rather, I like Ryo or Pi more than you. Then why are you with me in the first place?" She sighed deeply to control the tears from falling. "Do you think that if I like either one of them, I will be your girlfriend?" She stood up, her back facing him, while he was breathing deeply. "If that is how you think, I think it is best that we take a break." And she left the room and left the apartment without hesitation.

Miroku got rooted to his sitting position on the bed. Unable to move from shock that Junno just broke up with her.

Bidou and Jin on the other hand, he thought carefully of what he will say to her. The he looked at her and said, "I don't want to say that I am not jealous until now. Even though I accept your explanation doesn't mean my jealousy has lessen as well." He stood up and looked down at her. "I won't ask anything from you just to prove that you chose me over them for you are still with me. But please, at least think that I can't get over it quickly too. Even if we have been together for a couple of months now, our cousins has always been in the picture. Most especially the time when you got kidnapped and almost got raped. They were still there. They almost broke up with Keii-chan and Toma-chan just to help you out. Don't you think that it hurts us?"

"I... Bidou you are misunderstanding us, me." Jin sighed. "Me and Junno just wants to know how they are. And if they want to cut ties with us, that is perfectly fine. At least let us know so we can stop thinking we did something wrong towards them to avoid us like this. We didn’t mean for them to think of breaking up with their fiancée’s. We don’t want that. We never wished for that. We have always been happy for them, and they always told us that one day we will have our own happiness. That the right time will come that we will meet our happiness, and will never let go of us. The storm is subsiding, I can feel that, but the trust that you have for me, for us is making me think that we really haven’t met our happiness yet."

Jin stood up and walked out the door.

After a few minutes, Miroku and Bidou walked out of the respective rooms. They saw Jin cleaning the table. Keeping the food in the ref and the dishes in the dish washer.

Miroku suddenly took his coat and ran outside. Bidou carefully walked towards Jin and hugged her from behind.

“I’m sorry sweetie. I’m so sorry. I don’t know how what to say after what we’ve talked about.
I don’t know how to make it up to you. Please forgive me. I just so fucking love you so much.” Jin turned around in the hug and was surprised that Bidou was crying. She hugged him in return. “So fucking much it hurts that you think of another guy other than me, when I know that you were just thinking of your friend.” He cried harder.

Jin in return buried her face on his neck and started to sob as well while shaking her head. “I should be the one who is sorry. I know that you don’t like me thinking of them too much, but I can’t help it. They just stopped being friends with us and we just wanted to know why. That’s it. Nothing more nothing less. And please Bidou, always remember that you are the one that I love so much. I don’t know if I can live without you.”

Bidou smiled through his tears. He pulled away from the hug and looked at her eyes. He saw her words were true, now feels stupid for not trusting her. He leaned in to kiss her, and she slowly closed her eyes and responded the kiss that was very apologetic, sincere and loving all at the same time, making her tears fall more.

They were both panting when the kiss and ended. Flush cheeks and heavy breathing. But smiles adorned their faces.

Mean while, Miroku ran after Junno. He doesn’t know where she could have gone. And while walking around, he tried to keep, but no luck. Now he is getting worried that something might happen to her again, and very angry for walking out at night without communications to contact her with.

He already heading to her old home, thinking that maybe she went to her mom. As he was walking, he heard someone crying at the empty playground. His curiosity took over his brain and looked for the sound. He saw someone, hunched over, by the swing. He approached the crying figure with caution. He was about to ask what was wrong when he recognized that it was Junno.

He immediately kneeled in front of her and held her hand.

Junno on the other hand, can’t shout at the sudden hands that held her. She froze on her spot. The other sensing her sudden stiffness, raised one of his hand to her face and caressed it.

She shakily looked up at the familiar hand on her face and saw that it was Miroku. She immediately threw herself to him and made them land on the ground with a loud thud.

Miroku at the bottom and Junno on top of him, face buried on the underside of his chin. Miroku was surprised indeed and held her close. He kept whispering his sorry to her and kissed the top of head at the same time.

When her crying subsided a little, she spoke a little shakily. “I thought you really wanted to break up.”

He smiled and calmly answered. “I will never do that because I love you so freaking much that I will kill anyone who hurts you. I will kill myself if I hurt you. I...” He was cut off by a pair of soft lips.

After the kiss, “Kill yourself and I will follow you.” She said staring at his eyes with determination. And he can feel her heart beat accelerating. He smiled at her and kissed her once again before going back towards Jin’s apartment. They held hands, intertwined, and walked back peacefully, happily.

Chapter 11

Ryo 4
Chapter 8

Chapter 9



"I miss you. And seeing you on the magazine all grown up and beautiful with your friend, I wanted to taste you again."

Junno stiffen. Her past is running after.

"What are you saying?" Jin asked the man.

"Didn't your precious friend tell you about our night together?" With a playful tone. "She was really delicious when she was younger, now she looks scrumptious, and so do you."

"Yo-you ra-raped her?"

"If her bashing and shouting at that time means raping her, then yes."

Jin tightens her hold on her friend who was now stiff solid as a rock from fear.

"And don't worry, we'll taste you too."

Two more men showed up at the room along with the first two men. They are now laughing at the two crying girls.

Junno and Jin are hugging each other for dear life. Junno being in fear for Jin and herself. Jin being scared of what may happen to them.

The four men who are currently laughing at the two girls are now advancing towards them on the bed. Their cries are getting louder and louder as they came near them.

Two of the men went to Jin and the other two went to Junno.

When the men held them down on the bed, they struggled with all their might. Shouting and trashing and kicking while shouting at the same time. Tears didn't stop flowing while the men tried to tear their clothes a part.

Their blouses are now undone, their jeans are forced open and being pulled down. Their bras and panties are now exposed to the predatory eyes.

The four men are holding each side of the girls arm and legs. Their grabby hands are roaming around the bodies. Screams of pleas and stop are dropping from the lips of the girls.

Dirty lips kissing their faces, necks, jaw line, and was going down to their breasts when the door burst open revealing two very angry men.

The four men looked up to the newly arrived. The two guys let go Jin and Junno and the other two, who are topless, walked towards the party poopers.

Jin and Junno didn't notice the newcomers for their cries never stopped from flowing from their eyes.

After hearing their names being called out of nowhere by familiar voices, everything blacked out.

The sun shone brightly from the windows of the white colored walls. Everything was a blur when she opened her eyes. Her head feels like it was going to explode from the hurt she feels. She tried to sit up feeling her nervousness and fear surfacing again. She immediately held her chest with both hands, but her right hand was stopped by a hand holding hers.

She shook in fear, shutting her eyes tight, tears falling again. The hand that held her groaned a little and held her hand tighter calling her name.

She pulled her legs to her chest while whispering... "Please....no...don't hurt me." Voice shaky, trembling in fear.

"Baby..." Holding her by the shoulders.

Shaking her head and continuing her pleas.

"Baby... please...stop crying."

"No...please...don't hurt me...."

"Junno...." He hugged her and cried as well. "Baby...it's me... Miroku...baby...please...please..." He was hugging her tight for she was crying and bashing. Afraid it was still the people who kidnapped her and Jin.

Miroku held her face and kissed her forehead and hugged her again.

Junno managed to inhale the other person's scent and acknowledged it. She sacredly opened her eyes to see that it was the person she is expecting. Slowly looking for the familiar face. She gently pushed 'Miroku' to look at him clearly. The other released her from the embrace and wiped with the back of his hand his eyes.

Junno looked at the crying man in front of her. Her heart broke into pieces when she saw it is indeed Miroku.

"Mi-ro-ku..." She called his name slowly.

"Junno...baby.." Leaning in to give her a kiss.

She moved her head away. "No."

"I know what you are thinking and I don't care."

"But I do. I don't know what happened this time. How far they went. I'm so dirty. Much more than before."

"I don't give a damn! You know how much I like you, right? Why would I think that way? Besides, I've already accepted you the first time you told me. That guy tried it the second time around without your consent again this time took Jin too. They deserve where they are right now. It's a good thing that Ryo and Pi came with the police or those guys would've been dead by now!"

Junno cried again and hugged Miroku. Both cried in each other's arms.

In the next room, Jin has woken up a day before Junno. And when she woke up Bidou was there beside her on the bed hugging her. She sighed with relief seeing the face of the man she fell in love with.

They are currently eating lunch happily; Bidou feeding her for her wrist was hurt, though Bidou's hands had been hurt a little too. He is not showing that to her.

The door to Jin's room opened with a knock, making both Jin and Bidou turn to see who it was.

Both of them sighed when they saw that it was the police. They knew what it meant.

Bidou moved their food out of the way and transferred to the other side of the bed and sat beside JIn holding her close. He knew that Jin is not comfortable talking about it but they needed to since it was to keep those bastards in jail.

"Good morning ma'am." The tallest of the officers said. "My name is Tadayoshi Okura.

"Hello, I'm Shota Yasuda." The Smallest of the three smiled at the two.

"And I'm Ryuhei Maruyama." He stupidly smiled and waved.

Jin and Bidou stared blankly at them thinking 'What the hell was that?' And looked at each.

Officer Yasuda was the first to approach the two turning his smiling face into a serious one. "I know that this is going to be hard, but I need to ask a couple of questions."

Jin held Bidou's hand tight and squeezed it. Bidou on the other hand, placed his arms on her shoulder and held her possessively.

Jin gave a nod to start the questions.

"Ok... I know this will be hard, but we need to put those people who kidnapped you to remain behind bars. So, do you know them?" Shota Asked.

"No, but I believe Junno does, I think. They said they raped her. And the guy who confirmed it was happy saying. He is really a bastard."

“What?!” Was Bidou’s response. Him being surprised is an understatement.

Officer Ryuhei and Officer Tadayoshi were writing down the informations.

Officer Shota proceeded with the questions.

"Ok. Can you tell me how things happened? Where you were picked up and where you were taken?" He asked with caution.

Jin flinched a little. That's a nightmare she wanted to forget, along with the battering she received from her own family. Most specially her father. She is shaking at the thought, but she had to do this for herself and for Junno.

With a fast beating heart, she told the story from which place they were picked up, and how they were put to sleep, until the time they woke up in a very dark room with four men who held them down and stripped them off of their clothing, until two men came in shouting at the four men before everything went black.

Jin was crying while telling the story and Bidou kept kissing her hair to calm her down. He knew she might break down any moment.

"Ok Shota, that's enough." Officer Tadayoshi said. "But there is one thing we would like to know ma'am."

Bidou cut in before Jin can answer. "I think it's already enough."

Jin held his arms and looked at him. "It’s ok sweetie, I can still answer their question. This is important."

Bidou sighed heavily. "If you say so."

Jin kissed him on the cheeks, which made Bidou blush, in a very cute way that Jin started to blush as well.

Officer Ryuhei called their attention. "Ok...so, the last question would be...." Looked at Officer Tadayoshi. "What was your last question?"

Officer Shota and Officer Tadayoshi laughed a little before the latter asked. "Do you know who the men who tried to stop the kidnappers were?"

Jin looked at them and shook her head.

The three looked at the man hugging Jin and smiled. “The guy hugging you right now and his friend at the other room.” Officer Tadayoshi said with a smile.

"Ok. That's it. Thank you for your time. We will see if Junnosuke Taguchi is already awake. Take care ma'am and we'll keep in touch."

The three officers bowed and left the two.

Jin looked at the now shy Bidou lovingly. He never said a thing about it to Jin since she woke up. Held his face to look at her and kissed him on the lips.

Chapter 10

a/n:  I really wanted to do the rape scene, but I can't....hay~~~~ JinNo can't be raped.....
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